Ewbank Geo Testing, LLC (dba Ewbank and Associates) pioneers in-situ thermal conductivity testing

New News: Ewbank Geo Testing is introducing the new Advanced Thermal Response Testing System -- A-TRT!  A-TRT is the most advanced Ground Thermal Properties test unit and method available.  With the A-TRT System you can confidently know ALL the ground thermal parameters including Heat Capacity and Diffusivity without any guessing from a driller’s log as is done by all others.  A-TRT also confirms grouting quality, confirms loop length, and eliminates thermal interference from the sun and weather from impacting the test.  This is a huge advance for the GSHP Industry and confirms that Ewbank & Associates is the clear leader in this field.

Ewbank performed the first in-situ (in-place) thermal conductivity test for the ground source industry in December of 1994 and today continues leading in this technology and assisting owners, architects and engineers in the design and installation of ground heat exchangers. Ewbank works with independent test providers. The provider conducts the field testing and data acquistion and sends that data set to Ewbank which provids the report and analysis of the tested vertical heat exchanger.

Ground source heat pumps connect nature's friendly ground temperatures to your facility or home. Let us help you understand how the earth is ready, willing and able to provide free energy, create your own utility service, and how to size your systems to get the most efficient energy transfer possible for your facility. Moving heat with a ground heat exchanger is truly sustainable. Unlike using energy or power to convert and or to move heat, a GHEX moves heat directly at zero marginal costs.  Our experienced staff and test providers can help you put the earth to work efficiently.

Efficiency should not be confused with conservation. As opposed to conservation (sacrifice), energy efficiency is an indispensable component of any effort to improve productivity. Ultimately, energy efficiency contributes to wealth.

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