Wireless In-situ Thermal Conductivity and HDPE Pressure Test Unit

Test_Unit_2.jpg Our newly designed test unit is portable and powerful. All the computing functions are built into the unit so there is no need to leave a laptop on site in order to run the test. Test operators can connect to the unit and view the test as it runs. When the test is complete the data is very easily downloaded to the test operater's computer and can then be emailed or uploaded to Ewbank Geo Testing, LLC for analysis.
Here you can see the test unit wired and ready to test. It is connected to the loop and the sensors are in place. We've already purged the system of air and are just completing the insulation of the system so we can run the test. readytotest.jpg
checksignal.jpg Independent test providers are able to verify that all components are up and running properly via any 802.11 wirelessly enabled device such as a Laptop, or in this case, a PDA. During the test a real time graph of current data is displayed.
This test is being conducted at Oklahoma State University's facility in Stillwater, OK. You can see that the wireless capabilities of the test unit can really make it versitile. In this situation, we are able to connect the test unit to the internet so that it can be viewed remotely in real time by multiple parties. wirelesslink.jpg
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