Ground Source Projects Inspection, Verification, Measurement (GS-IVM)

Ewbank Geo Testing, L.L.C. has highly qualified and experienced individuals that will enable the owner, utility, engineer and or architect to confirm that the project expectations are meet. Ground source systems are installed outside (usually) and in the ground and therefore difficult to verify. Our people begin with in-situ thermal conductivity testing for the design of the ground heat exchanger and end with HVAC/R unit performance. Particular attention is focused on the ground heat exchanger configuration; materials, grouts, header compaction, installed depths, borehole diameter and spacing, flow, pumping head loses, and HDPE pressure testing. In-situ data from the specific projects establishes the installed baseline for future analysis, such as offsetting carbon credits.
Contact Garen N. Ewbank or Richard Hammett to discuss your needs. (see Test Providers link click here

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